About the Phoenixville Baseball Committee

In February, 2011, a group of current and former Phoenixville community members were brought together to examine the feasibility of building a baseball stadium in Phoenixville with the goal of bringing a minor league baseball team to town. This website will be used to keep the public up to date with the committees progress as well as provide other useful and interesting information.

Mission Statement

The goal of the Phoenixville Baseball Committee is to implement a new baseball stadium in Phoenixville that will be the home of a minor league baseball team. The committee is comprised of past and present community members and specialized professionals with diverse backgrounds that share one common vision: to realize minor league baseball in Phoenixville, PA. The Committee will examine the feasibility of locating a minor league baseball team in Phoenixville, PA, and will execute the plan to its fruition.

How Will the Committee Operate?

The committee will divide into subcommittees to analyze the physical placement of the stadium, financing, ownership and grant pass-through vehicles. Other non-baseball stadium uses - concerts, stage performances, and other sporting events that may add to the stadium's viability - will be fully explored.

Who is on the Committee?

The committee is made up of the following members: Joe Altomonte, Dave Chawaga, Connor Cummins, Manny DeMutis, Adam Deveney, Dave Gautreau, Fred Hubler, Kevin Johnson, Richard Kardon, Ron Knabb, Jim Kovaleski, Dick Kunsch, Julian McCracken, Dave Moskowitz, Marian Moskowitz, Kevin Negandhi, Jim Northcott, Crysta Peers, Jim Redding, Steve Welch. Barry Cassidy will serve as staff for the committee.

Each member of the committee has a specific area of expertise that will play a crucial role in determining the appropriate direction for the proposed Phoenixville team. To name a few; Ron Knabb was the architect for Veterans Stadium and will bring invaluable experience in establishing the physical plant of the stadium, and at what expense. Richard Kardon of Point Entertainment will advise on the potential for non-baseball entertainment at the stadium. Manny DeMutis is the developer driving the project, and has played a prominent role in the revitalization of downtown Phoenixville.

Who will play baseball in Phoenixville?

There will be an analysis to determine what level minor league baseball team would call the stadium home. Possibilities include an independent team or a short season rookie league team, which could be affiliated with a major league team. The committee will investigate all possible options for the team as well as potential investors.

Why Phoenixville?

Phoenixville has added approximately $150 million in assessed real estate value over the last six years. This growth rate of over 20% is the largest increase in assessed value of any borough or city in Chester County. DeMutis has submitted plans to the Phoenixville Planning Commission for infill construction on the abandoned Phoenix Iron and Steel brownfield. Phoenixville has been a hotbed for baseball enthusiasts and is the home to notable professional baseball players including Andre Thornton, Mike Piazza, and John Smiley. "We have a great baseball heritage to build upon," says DeMutis. "If we do our homework correctly and involve the community in the planning, when this plan comes to fruition, it will be a home run for not only the Borough of Phoenixville but also the region."

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